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Tommy Mandel Albums

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Collection of the less cringeworthy songs I wrote, recorded and sang in the 80s over synths and live instrumentation.
(credits at bottom of page)
Synth-strumentals recorded direct to DAT from LinnSequencer and lots of synths. Pet Sounds or Pet Shop Boys?
Psychedelic Travelogue recorded at SongShop Studios early 80’s. Hilly Michaels drums. Zenobia co-vocals. Tom Morrongiello guitars. Wayne Vlcan co-produced. Jean Petrucelli exec. producer.
More synth-strumentals! Some good ones!
Some of these appear on InnerCities Records’ 2019 vinyl release, Mello Magic.
The first 7 here are a song cycle featuring great vocalists like Joe Cerisano, Pete Hewlett, Marianne Faithful, Zenobia, Jeff Southworth & Frannie Faith Southworth.
More Synth-strumentals, as the gear got fresher, sampling took off, and mistakes were learned from.
Synth-strumentals and Atmospherics!
Solo Piano.
Meditation music in the style of George Winston, Wilhelm Reich, and George Washington.
Dolphin Jams
Designed to Knock You Out.
The Robots are Dancing on the Beach
at Hawaiian Sunset in LA.
Lots of Songs
Some experimental
All Heartfelt
Please excuse all Human Error
Lydia Burns vocal on Baby Please Come Back
Kitana Andrews vocal on I Will
Songs and Grooves
In an Age of Political Anger
Kirsten Thien: BG vocals on Scarsdale, That’s How They Take It, and I Go To Sleep.
Elaine Caswell: BG vocals on Get Ridda Butch
Rock Opera soundtrack starring
Jimi Tunnell, Dee Carstensen
Gregory Fleeman, Nancy Godwin
Alison England, and Y.T.
Also a low-res cartoon – Act I is up on YouTube.
The plot involves an underwater baseball taoist world
invaded by flying crustaceans bent on
Industrial Domination of the Galaxy.
(And of course, the love triangles that develop.)

EVERY DOG – Credits
‘…” Credits


Upcoming Appearances

Marc Berger gig – The Turning Point, Piermont, NY – March 18

Bruce T. Carroll gig – Rockwood Music Hall, Allen St. NYC, NY – March 21

Michael Kehr gig – Rockwood Music Hall, Allen St. NYC, NY – April 16

Song Night Cabaret – Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY – May 6 & 7

Howie Solo – Gene Frankel Theater, 24 BOND ST., NYC, NY – April 28, 8pm

Katelyn Richards – feat. Benny Landa & Mike Vesciglia – Bitter End, Bleeker St., NYC – May 22

™ Pipe Organ Improv and Party – Bowdoin College Chapel, Brunswick, Maine – June 3 1:00pm

Harlem Yacht Club House Band – 7 Fridays over the Summer – City Island, NY. June 15, etc.

Dire Straits Legacy (DSL) tour – US – 4 former Dire Straits (including me) Aug 19- Sept 5

Sarah Lawrence


©️Tommy Mandel 2020


The more successful
Synth-strumentals from day-to-day Experimenting
at Tommy Labs
Appear Here

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